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Joe’s Journey Under the Surface

December 22nd, 2016

I’ve been working in the mining industry for nearly nine years. A lot of what I do day-to-day is educate the public on mining and why the industry is so critical to our daily lives. I have a solid understanding of the mining process and what miners do every day, I’ve even toured several mines. The one thing I haven’t done though, is the actual job. During the NvMA convention in September, one of our members offered for me to spend some time underground and gain some mining experience for myself.

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EP Minerals takes STEM to a new level with incredible industrial minerals

December 15th, 2016

In an average day, you probably come in contact with over 100 products that have been manufactured or processed from industrial minerals. Industrial minerals are defined as non-metallic minerals produced from natural sources. Here at EP Minerals, we mine and manufacture diatomaceous earth (DE), perlite, and clay. These incredibly high-quality minerals are used in an extremely broad range of applications in everyday life – both industrial and domestic. Without these minerals, a vast range of products would simply not exist. Surprised? Consider:

Sweeteners, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textile raw materials, cooking oils and many other products are filtered with diatomaceous earth (DE) or perlite.

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Welcome to Mining and STEM Month

December 1st, 2016

STEM education has been a hot topic in the education community for years.  Intuitively, we all know that education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math is critical in the high-tech, twenty-first century economy.  What may be less apparent, however, is the pivotal role mining and miners play in the high-tech world.

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Reclamation Rocks!

October 27th, 2016

NvMA President Dana Bennett:

For nearly 30 years, the State of Nevada has required the reclamation of any site that has been used for mineral exploration or extraction. In 1989, the Nevada Legislature approved laws that established a comprehensive regulatory process governing the reclamation of mined and explored lands. This process included the development of a reclamation plan and he posting of financial assurance that the work would be completed. As is often the case in mining policy, Nevada’s actions set the standard for hard-rock reclamation legislation in the rest of the country. Read the rest of this entry »

Newmont’s 2017 Legacy Fund campaign shatters previous records

October 26th, 2016

ELKO, Oct. 24, 2016 – Celebrating the conclusion of its seventh annual Newmont Legacy Fund employee giving campaign, Newmont Mining Corporation announced today that the latest company-matched donation pledges represent an all-time Legacy Fund high of $2.63 million. During the recent campaign, 73.5 percent (more than 2,500) of Newmont’s Nevada employees pledged a combined $1.316 million, which will be deducted from their 2017 paychecks to assist more than 200 non-profit organizations across northern Nevada next year. Newmont will match those donations dollar for dollar, producing a grand total of $2.63 million that will be distributed quarterly to employee-specified non-profit groups and programs.

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Nevada Mining Association Announces Recipients of 2016 Safety Awards

September 2nd, 2016

The NvMA is proud to announce the recipients of their 2016 Safety Awards. 67 individuals and 37 mines will be honored this year for their hard work and commitment to ensuring every miner goes home safely at the end of their shift.

Awardees will be recognized and receive their awards on Saturday, September 10, at the Nevada Mining Association’s convention at Lake Tahoe’s Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Click below to see the list of this year’s recipients.

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Mining Las Vegas

May 27th, 2016

Most Nevadans – certainly those of us reading this newspaper – know about mining’s contributions to the state’s northern counties. For those looking to do business in this region, Elko’s perennially –popular mining expo offers plenty of opportunity to see the latest and greatest from all along the supply chain.

Hosted by the Elko Convention and Visitors Authority, the Elko Expo is one of the oldest trade shows in the industry and is tremendously popular. But every four years, the Elko Mine Expo is a tasty appetizer for a much larger main course: the international mine expo (MINExpo).

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When should we teach kids about rocks and minerals?

May 5th, 2016

By: Joseph Riney

Since starting with the NvMA, I have been heavily involved with our Education Committee. Members of the committee include teachers and other education focused professionals. Another group we work closely with, the Nevada Division of Minerals, also does a fantastic job of not only supporting the Education Committee’s and NvMA’s efforts, but also spends a great deal of time in classrooms themselves, educating Nevada’s students.

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April 2016 Note from the President

April 28th, 2016

This month, NvMA staff went through its annual refresher training, a day dedicated to one of the most important aspects of our industry: safety.

It doesn’t take long to understand how seriously mining takes sending its workers home safely at the end of every shift. Visit any mine and you will see safety slogans prominently placed on vehicles and buildings. Meetings always start with a safety share, and mine sites and miners who go above and beyond expectations are acknowledged at a host of state, regional, and national events, including at the NvMA convention. Honoring the safest workers has been a personal highlight during my tenure as President.

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Southern Nevada Teachers Workshop Day 2

March 24th, 2016

Following a great first day at the Southern Nevada Mineral Workshop, educators reconvened at Faith Lutheran High School before hitting the road and visiting sites throughout Las Vegas and seeing first-hand what modern mining looks like, as well as the unique geology of Nevada.

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