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Meet Your Miners: Newmont Mining Corporation’s Jennica Fitzgerald Stresses the Value of Opportunity Nevada Mining

Those in the mining community know our professional ranks are filled with amazing individuals with great stories to tell. Exhibit A: Jennica Fitzgerald, who shares her story for the next edition of our “Meet Your Miners” series.


Fitzgerald, a health, safety and loss prevention representative at the Twin Creeks mine, is a seven-year veteran of Newmont Mining Corporation.


“I applied for the job in Health and Safety because I wanted to get my foot in the door and ultimately end up in mine reclamation after I got my degree,” Fitzgerald admits. “However, I have so enjoyed being [in] this field that even after I got the degree, I chose to continue in Health and Safety. I really appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given.”


Jennica Fitzgerald


An outdoor enthusiast, Fitzgerald enjoys staying active and admits that she tires easily of monotonous work, which explains her love of her current position.


“I like that I get to work with a lot of different people and see all the varying aspects of mining. I don’t like to do the same thing every day, and it’s always changing in this position.”


As far as Fitzgerald’s approach to her work, she says that it is more important to lead by example. If enjoyment of her own job qualifies as leadership, the example she sets is sure to inspire those around her.


The importance of the mining industry cannot be understated. If there’s a job to do, there needs to be someone who can do it. Fitzgerald notes that there is no reason to assume that women shouldn’t jump at opportunities in mining.


“The really cool thing about mining is the amazing variety of jobs and opportunities. I see women in the mill, on the blast crew, on leach pads, in offices, in management and in trucks. If the job exists, there is a woman who does it.”

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