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Membership Monday: 3D-P Provides IP-Based Wireless Network Solutions to Nevada Mining Companies

3D-P serves the mining sector, making products that improve productivity and safety by simplifying the integration and wireless networking of mining technology applications. The company deploys broadband IP-based wireless networks specifically designed to cater to the rigors of surface mining. The 3D-P team includes mining, electrical, software, IT and wireless engineers.

CaptureServices provided by 3D-P include site surveys, designing and deploying turnkey wireless networks, and custom engineering and on-site private training on how to configure and maintain 3D-P devices and networks.

3D-P’s mining products include:

  • Intelligent Endpoints: A rugged mobile computing system available with a selection of embedded wireless cards and interfaces. It allows flexibility for customization with virtually any radio technology, allowing Intelligent Endpoint to work with any hardware, application or wireless network. There are three different Intelligent Endpoint products—Hornet Series, e30 Sabre and e15 Phantom.
  • Network Management Tools: Endpoint Manager and Endpoint Locator simplifies the management of your deployment, ensures your network is performing optimally and tracks the location of your assets.
  • Green Remote Power: 3D-P’s wind- or solar-powered stations allow you to quickly and cost-effectively provide power to remote locations. This allows you to extend your wireless coverage as your mine’s footprint develops.

For more information on 3D-P, please visit their website.

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