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President's Letter

Dana BennettWelcome to the website for the Nevada Mining Association!

For over 150 years, mining has been a fundamental part of Nevada's story. The mining industry played a crucial role in the state's intriguing history, is currently an indispensible component of Nevada's economy, and promises to be an important partner for its future. As the Silver State's original and most enduring STEM industry, mining has positioned Nevada as a global leader in the production of strategic minerals and the development of new technologies. In the process, the mining industry annually pays millions of dollars in tax payments to Nevada communities and attracts billions of private investment dollars to the state. During the recent Great Recession, when other economic sectors were suffering, Nevada mining paid billions of dollars in state and local taxes and provided steady jobs to thousands of Nevada families.

With more than 110 mines located in nearly every county, Nevada mines employ over 15,000 people in jobs with the highest average wages and most comprehensive benefit programs in the state. These mines continue to produce gold, silver, and copper – minerals that helped create this state. In addition, Nevada mines produce elements that have become essential for our daily lives in the 21st century, such as gypsum for wallboard; molybdenum for construction equipment; lithium for batteries; and tungsten for electrical equipment. Geothermal is also classified as a mining activity. Clark County is home to two of Nevada's most valuable assets: the Las Vegas Strip and the state's only deposits of rare earth elements. These elements are essential for manufacturing high-tech devices, such as wind turbines, electric cars, and computers, and their only known location in the United States is on the southern Nevada/California border. Additionally, another 2,000 companies—mostly small businesses and many family-owned companies—make their living providing goods and services to mining operations.

All together, the mining industry is a responsible and responsive corporate citizen in Nevada, offering good jobs, paying substantial taxes, and actively participating in the cultural lives of communities from Las Vegas to Wells, Reno to Ely, Henderson to Elko, and all points in between. Battle Born and Nevada Proud, the mining industry is an integral part of this state.

On behalf of the 400+ members of the Nevada Mining Association, which was established in 1913, I invite you to surf around this website and learn more about Nevada's iconic industry. Start with the virtual tour on the home page; explore the interactive databases with information about the mines and their economic impact; and return often to see what might be new. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.


Dana Bennett, PhD
Nevada Mining Association

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